Petroglifos de alta vista

Along the creek “Las Piletas” on volcanic rock you’ll find these petroglyphs that are testimony of a civilization that inhabited the area thousands of years ago, a total of 56 of them are a reflection of the beliefs and formation of the ancient inhabitants, but in addition to being immersed in the jungle the place is ideal to visit,  you can’t miss this place that currently are an important Huichol ceremonial center.


$ 1,180.00 MXN per adult.

$ 65 USD per adult.

$ 650.00 MXN per child.

$ 36 USD per child.


From 1 to 4, $4700 MXN or  260 USD.

From 4 to 8 $9400 MXN or 520 USD.

Includes: transportation, panga, drinks, food “seafood a la carte”

Duration: 9 hours

Departure: 8:00 a.m. arrival: 5.00pm

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