San Blas and La Tovara

Arriving to La Tovara we’ll take a boat to enjoy this fantastic 60 minutes tour through the pier until its beginning, where  it’s posible swim in clear waters fully of thousands fishes that create an astonishing and incredible aquatic show, as well we can see migratory birds, ducks, raccoons, turtles, parrots, iguanas y crocodiles, beautiful orchids, and the iris is also part of this natural scenery, later the boat will take you to the sanctuary of the crocodile where you can see big amphibians in captivity and mammals that live in this ecological region.

Once considered the most important  Nueva España naval station, San Blas needed a fort to protect the port from attacks that could arrive by sea, so in 1760 La contaduría fort was built on the San Basilio hill, from there you can enjoy a privileged view and also visit the virgin of the rosary temple.

There are several restaurants around where you can taste delicious dishes of traditional themes like the delicious Pescado Zarandeado, fried fish fillet, shrimp scampi, natural rancheros shrimp with rice, vegetables, beans and rich homemade sauce.


$1530 MXN per adult

$85 USD per adult

$900 MXN per child

$50 USD per child


From 1 to 4, $6100 MXN or 340 USD.

From 4 to 8 $12,000 MXN or 680 USD.

Price includes: Transportation, Panga, Drinks, and food “seafood a la carte”.

Duration:  9 Hours.

Departure: 8:00 AM  – Arrival: 5:00 PM


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