Islas Marietas

The Marietas Islands are located, as opposed to the coasts of End of Mita, in the municipality of Bahia de Banderas, state of Nayarit. It is a small ideal archipelago for practices it of esnórquel, the diving and sighting of whales
It is a refuge of thousands of marine birds, offers a wonderful visual spectacle when combining rock the wild cliff beauty rocky salient rocky crag blanquecinas and of its main attractiveness is the observation, of the jorobada whale, who come from you cold waters of Alaska and whose Mexican water stay is for procreating its whale calves and teaching them to swim

The Marietas Islands have become a reproductive sanctuary of the jorobada whale. The best place to see them is to 18 kilometers to the west of the islands out to sea,during the stroll the diverse grottos and cliffs can be known that east site has, to encamp in the beach, to practice the mountain climbing or to observe a great variety of marine birds, as well as to take video or photographies. If it prefers, to discover it the wonders of the marine fauna or to enjoy the sport fishing.


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